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Witless Protection Staring Larry The Cable Guy.

Reviewing: Witless Protection Lionsgate Production  |  Rating:
By dawn69 on
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Witless Protection is a movie full of witless comedy. I love the humor of Larry the cable guy but I am finding that the movies he is putting out are lacking characters and good story lines. I like a good comedy but the movie must have a good story line to start before you can add comedy. I have to say this movie is on the line of the three stooges. If you just want to laugh at common jokes with no rhyme or reason this is the movie for you.

In this movie Larry plays a witless sheriff's deputy in a small hick town. In this town no one cares about anything because there is no crime in it to begin with. Larry will mix in the FBI agents that don't have a brain between them either. This is a stereo ti-pic movie. There is not character in this movie that has an IQ over ten. I liked some of the jokes but as a whole this is a movie that you can pass on. This kind of movie even gives rednecks a bad name.

It could be a good thing that all Larry's movies go right to dvd instead of the box office. Maybe the next movie will be better. Humor is find but to make a good movie you need to have a good story and characters not a bunch of people running around like the keystone cops.