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Wolf Creek 2005

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By yorb24 on
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I bought "Wolf Creek" on DVD awhile back and the plot revolved around 3 friends who decide to go on a trip across the beautiful country that is Australia. When they return from a hike and cannot start their car, an unsuspecting and charming stranger offers to help. They make the unfortunate mistake of trusting him and this film is inspired by a murderer in Australia that the press have dubbed the "Backpack Killer".

First off the budget for this film was relatively small and I wasn't familiar with any of these actors. I also want to note that my preference for films tends to fall in the horror or thriller genre so I was hoping "Wolf Creek" didn't follow the same boring formula that has been done over and over again. Now having said that, this by far is one of the most frightening films I have ever seen in my life which is actually a good thing. The story begins quite slow which I think is actually a diversion to throw you completely off. It puts you in a place of comfort and then pulls the rug out from under you. The feel for the film is gritty and intense and at times I found my self extremely uncomfortable watching it not knowing what to expect next from the killer. It delves into the darkest part of your mind and holds you there. The acting was superb among the cast. At times I felt as I were really watching someone fighting for their life. I liked that fact that you were completely unsure of who would die and who wouldn't. The scenery was perfect for the story, out in the middle of nowhere and nobody can help you no matter how loud you yell or cry. There is gore in the film but it's there for a purpose and not for shock value which I like. There were a lot of extras that came with this DVD which I liked. It was nice supplements to the film.

Overall, I recommend this movie for horror fans and for those that aren't, it is not though for the faint of heart by any means.