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Wolf Creek 2005 Unrated Widescreen

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A chilling, factually-based, story of three road-trippers in remote Australia who are plunged into danger when they accept help from a friendly local.

This movie was made out to be a great horror flick, the likes of Texas chainsaw massacre, but I think it is greatly over hyped. It's your standard twenty something killer movie with only two killings on screen. I don't understand why it got such good reviews from what I've seen. There is nothing really special about this movie.

This film is just about three young people on a road trip across the deserts of the Australian outback in a junker of a used car. They come across a killer who, at first, appears to be a helpful guy.

It takes about an hour of watching these twenty-somethings driving and camping out before we even meet the killer. An hour of hearing their Aussie accents, which I believe needed subtitles for me to understand what the hell they were saying half the time (no offense to any Aussies out there). By that time I was happy to see them killed, I rooted for the killer to torture them brutally.

I've not much to say about this movie but I will a little.

First, the Australian outback is a great place to kill a lot of people and hides their vehicles. This is based on a true serial killer story but I am just judging it as a film. The ending is played as a news format and it says that the killer was never found. So, if this is true, then we really do not know if this is actually how it occurred. Anyway the setting is about the only good part of this movie.

The acting is not very good. The guy and the two girls annoyed me to the brink of wanting to kill them myself. They obviously more not the outdoors type and did not belong out there. The acting by these three was on par with that of the likes of I know what you did last Summer. The only standout actor is the veteran Australian John Jarratt as Mick Taylor, the killer. I wish that they focused on his character for most of the movie. He played the part as a friendly person, even when he was killing his victims. This contrast of personality versus his actions make him a very scary person. Too bad the supporting cast wasn't so good.

There is some blood but not very much as expected. Very little gore. Some might find it disturbing but it didn't bother me much.

Overall, this movie is watchable but I didn't like it that much it. It's not terrible but don't expect much and don't expect a classic here. If you do this and ignore the hype, then you'll probably find it reasonable to watch.