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Wolfgang Puck 7 Cup Rice Cooker

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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When or if you ever get the pleasure to see them demonstrate one of these live on HSN you won't believe your eyes and ears. I at first thought well its a tv /infomercial product kind of a thing too good to be true. Then again It does have a famous chef's name on it Wolfgang Puck. It must be good I thought So I get it. True it is good and really good. I can't believe everything you can do with this. ITs not just a rice cooker . IT comes with a steamer insert you can do your veggies in that and salmon while steaming /cooking rice below. You can do everything in here pot roasts, stews, soups, baked app;es, oatmeal, mac and cheese, Its very efficient. Reason being its a low pressure cooker. I do have a ultrex pressure cooker which I may use but I prefer this its convienant. It is really nice being able to have a pot roast or stew in about 30 minutes and have it be nice and tender and full of flavor. This thing is one of the gadgets and i got lots of them a garage full .This is the lucky one who gets to stay in a cupboard in my kitchen cause believe me if a cooking gadget knew what it felt like to be used and used alot this would be the one. I have almost during the entire week . I have managed to loose bout 76 lbs just changing my eating habits and a gadget like this keeps me on track . I like the convieance of it. Its true fast food but healthy food. AS most pressure type cookers deal out .Again rice hmm lets just say alot easier then on the stove. Clean up is great just wipe it out come sout easy. I am highly impressed and if or when it needs replacing I would only get this kind of rice cooker again. I like its performance and rate it highly over all .