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Wolverine The Indestructible Mutant!!!

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It all started with the young and sick Logan (Wolverine) in the bed accompanying by his older brother Victor who was angry with him when their father came to check for Logan’s condition. They heard a voice calling their mother Elizabeth. After awhile, he heard a gunshot that he decided to look what happened. He found his dad lying in the floor – dying. He was very angry and his unnatural ability was made known and he was surprised. With his anguish he attacked the man who killed his father and later on he knew that it was his real dad. The very baffled boy ran because of his unbelief. But his brother Victor runs after him, counselling him never mind what happened. Then his trying to make his brother to realized that they are brothers...brothers are protecting each other. They will stick together no matter what. They will take care of anyone who gets in their way...

They live together. They fight together. But they are different. Logan always fights a good fight unlike his brother. Until, they were sentenced to die for decapitating a senior officer - by shooting 1000 times, it was Victor’s all fault. But they happened to survived. They still alive! The next day they encounter Major Wiliam Stryker. He was trying to let them know that he cares to the especial people like them. He shows that he understands who they are but embraces what makes them different. He has big plans for Logan and Victor. He convinced the brothers to join a group that will fight for the country.

And yes. They meet men with especial powers like them and took their first mission together. After their successful mission Logan realized that it was a Stryker personal agenda. And the worst they killed innocent people that he can’t really take. So he decided to leave the group but his brother Victor wanted to stay. They separated ways.

After six years, Logan is now living a simple life with Kayla. They were happy and very much in love to each other. On the other hand his brother is looking for men with especial power. Until one day Stryker meet him and again he was trying to convince Logan to join the group for the second time. Logan rejected it, he doesn’t believe with Stryker anymore. And he was very satisfied with his life with Kayla. But Stryker wants him back. He was so desperate!

After few days he found Kayla dead. He knew who killed her. His brother Victor...And he wants to kill him. He wants revenge...and this is the beginning of “Wolverine the Indestructible Mutant!!!”


Hugh Jackman - Logan/Wolverine

Liev Schreiber - Victor

William Stryker - Danny Huston

Kayla – Lynn Collins

Fred Dukes – Kevin Durand

Bolt – Dominic Monoghon

Taylor Kitsch – Gambit

Agent Zero – Daniel Henney

Weapon XI – Scott Adkins


The story:

The story is just about Wolverine the mutant, and seems that it has nothing to do with the X-men. The story is all about the life of Wolverine, who eventually became a member of the X-men (from the preceded sequel of X-men). However, it is very interesting to know how the life of Wolverine gone by before he became a member of the X-men. It’s an action and a love story movie (not just a romantic love story). I pay tribute to the story writer of this film.

Screen play:

The harness of the actors are observed in the screen play of the movie and some effects, especially the fall of the building is obviously a computer effects...but then, the movie is still very satisfying to watch.


The characters portrayed their roles very well. Their physical looks really fits to the characters they are trying portrayed for. They give their best. They are really actors and actresses., facial expressions and body movements are very convincing. They justified their roles are an extra-ordinary human being.


I like the twist of the story especially the love the story of Logan and Kayla. Proven that we can do everything...anything for the sake of love and also, the relationship of the brother - Logan and Victor...What matters most your brother is still your brother. He is always cares about you...At the end he stay at your side no matter what!

It is a mix of love, revenge, selfishness and again love...

Looking for the next x-men members’ origin movie!