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Wonderfalls Complete Series

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By ally_deville on
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Wonderfalls is a fun quirky show that unfortunately was cancelled just as it was getting its fan base. Sometimes I feel like I am a show killer, if I like it, it gets cancelled. Luckily, many of these shows end up on dvd so I can rewatch and enjoy them as well as turn others on to them.

I showed my family this series over the Christmas break, they went out and got it for themselves; it's that rewatchable.

The premise with this show is the main character, Jaye, who's pretty much an apathic slacker, starts to see and hear things talking to her. She's forced to help people; in way it's pretty much similar to the plotline of Joan of Arcadia but that's as far as it gets in comparision. Wonderfalls is much funnier and well, better written and acted. The cast is very good, the premise is fun, and the special effects are good. I am particularly fond of the talking monkey statue. When Jaye's mother forces her into counseling (with her therapist) it's hysterical. And it doesn't hurt that they do bring "the pretty" in each episode.

The box set all 13 episode, including 9 that didn't air; which is pretty much proof that the Fox network is run by idiots, also contained in the set is a documentary about the series, episode commentary and a music video.