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Won't You Take Me To, Spooky Town?

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We collect way too many things in our house but one of our favorite collections is our collection of Spooky Town pieces. Spooky Town is similar to Department 56 houses and accessories but they have a haunted theme instead of a Christmas theme.

Spooky Town is made by a company called Lemax and they first came on the market back in 2000. It is sold in several different chain stores as well as online and we get most of our pieces at Michaels. Spooky Town consists of porcelain houses, and accessories such as haunted castles, morgues, grave yards, haunted ships and all kinds of monsters and ghouls. Most of the larger items like the houses have moving parts, light up or make noise. They are designed to be laid out and displayed as a big town like people do with Department 56 sets. Some of the accessories they sell to help lay out your landscape include lights, platforms, trees and fences.

Every year new pieces are introduced into the collection an every year pieces get retired. To find special pieces that you want or the retired ones, Ebay is a great resource.

We currently have several of the houses, a pirate ship and many of the smaller accessory pieces. The piece that I have in my pictures is one of our favorites. It is called Castle On Spooky Hill. It is a large piece and stands apox. 8 1/2 inches tall. This piece contains all the elements that make Spooky Town fun because it has lights, sound and movement. When it is not plugged in, it looks like your average scary castle complete with gargoyles and a sea serpent in the moat. When it is plugged in, the castle comes alive with haunting sounds that include moans, bells chiming and thunder. The front door opens and the Grim Reaper appears. Then on the roof a trap door opens, lights flicker like lightning and a Vampire rises to the top of the castle.

Halloween is our favorite holiday and this collectable fits right in with that. Little by little we add to the collection every year and one day we hope to have the space to set it up and lay it out as a whole town the way it was meant to be. For now we display our individual pieces in several spots and enjoy them that way.