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Woodgate 36 X 30 X 12 Wall Cabinet

Reviewing: Woodgate Wentworth Saddle 36"W X 30"H X 12"D Wall Cabinet  |  Rating:
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If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive way to add cabinets to a room, these cabinets are a great option. I think we've all seen television commercials and been to home improvement stores to get estimates of what new cabinetry would cost. It's expensive, and who has that kind of money these days?

I actually have four cabinets from Woodgate in my picture. There are two 36" x 12" cabinets side-by-side up top, and two 36" x 30" cabinets next to each other right below them. This review is for the two on the bottom, but of course the price is just for one. The cabinets are 12" deep, which didn't sound like much to me but I haven't found anything so far that was too wide to fit. I have these in my dining room and I use them for storing some food storage containers, small appliances, and office-type stuff.

These are made out of maple. I think if you get them in other colors the wood is different, however. This cabinet has two doors, and two shelves are included. You can adjust the shelves to your desired height after you install the cabinet. The shelves are not made out of real wood but appear to be some type of particleboard. The exterior of the cabinets is finished all around, as is the interior. And even though this style is symmetrical, there is really no top or bottom to these cabinets. They are the same no matter how you turn them, which is nice for the single-door cabinets so you can decide which way you want the door to open.

The best part about these cabinets is that they come fully assembled. You just open up the box, mount them on the wall, and put up the two shelves. Hardware was not included, so you will have to have your own screws and nails to anchor these to your wall. I noticed that the displays in the store had different types of handles on the cabinets, but they didn't come with any. I haven't found that I needed any, either. The doors are thick enough that it's easy to grab the corner and open them, and when you go to close them they don't slam because there is some rubbery clear stuff on the main body of the cabinet that stops the doors.

If you go to Lowe's looking for these cabinets, I think you'll be amazed to find that these are stocked in five different finishes. You don't have to order them and wait weeks for them to arrive. A quick search of Lowe's website gave me 156 items for Woodgate Cabinetry. Lowe's also has accessories like crown molding. I chose the darkest available wood color, which is called Saddle. Other colors are Maple, Oak, Hickory, and White. There is much more than wall cabinets to choose from, too. There are corner cabinets, base cabinets, drawer cabinets, utility cabinets, even a cabinet with a Lazy Susan. Lowe's sells crown molding, scribe molding, dishwasher end panels, filler and toe kick panels to match these cabinets.

Overall, I've been very happy with these cabinets, and I really would like to get some more! I also have two smaller Woodgate cabinets in my bathroom. Because they come in so many different dimensions and colors, I can't imagine anyone needing a cabinet for any space and not being able to find something in-stock at Lowe's to satisfy your needs. Who doesn't love instant gratification?

I rated these a 4 on Construction Quality and Construction Material simply because they aren't entirely made out of real wood. You really would never know this by looking at the exterior, but I do feel that these cabinets are just as strong as real wood cabinets because the frame is made out of real wood. The only particleboard that I've found is the lining of the interior and the shelves. Depending on what you plan to put on the shelves, particleboard may not be strong enough.