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jomom75 By jomom75 on
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My kids are older now and breastfeeding supplies are no longer something I use. But when they were babies I had a lot of use and experience with them. The Avent Isis breast pump was the last one I used and though we don't plan on having more kids, if an oops were to ever happen it would be the only breast pump I would use again.

After going through 4 other pumps and either feeling like my arm was going to fall off or being left bruised and bleeding from electric pumps my electric pump at the time was starting to really make me want to stop pumping, but I wasn't ready to start buying formula.I had heard so much about the Avent system but had never seen it in Canada(ok yes, as I said, my kids are older now lol, these days it's everywhere).Finally I found it and decided to give it a try, my son was 4 months old and was giving up nursing and I had to go back to work.I bought the Avent pump and within a week it doubled my production and I was able to pump in 10 minutes what all the electric pumps took half an hour to produce for me.I continued pumping for another 4 1/2 months thanks to the Avent pump and had no more bruising or bleeding. I was able to produce so much milk off exclusively pumping with this pump and no nursing, that I had a freezer full and was able to still continue giving my baby breastmilk even after I stopped pumping.

The Avent pump gave me total control, and no sore hands, as soon as your let down happens you can just hold the handle down and your milk just streams out, I only had to press down the lever about every 10 seconds, much better then having to worry about pushing a button to stop from being pulled in, the Avent pump only pulls your nipple in far enough to release your milk.And the petal massager made me actually feel a let-down that I never felt with the other pumps.

The pump is small so was really easy to carry with me anywhere I went and easy to pump discreetly with when needed. Many times I pumped right in the car and nobody could even tell I was doing it.

I honestly cannot think of anything bad to say about this pump except that I wish I had found it when I had my first baby, and it would be better if it was a little cheaper, but it's worth it!

I know that today Avent now has an electric pump, obviously I am unable to try it myself, but I have heard from other lovers of the Isis that it too is a fantastic pump.