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Works Like A... Old, Busted Up, 99 Cent Broom

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forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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First off, I really don't understand why certain companies decide to actually have this "scheme" whereas they would put on a heavy limit on a trial - in this case for Webroot's Spy Sweeper, under the trial it would scan yes, but soon enough, that goes to only to find yourself in front of a message box that reads "purchase software in order to remove", when in fact they could possibly be false results in order to get the user to buy it. In the end, what's the use since you can't help but to think that does it actually REMOVE the infections?

I mean, we're all wanting to have smooth-running protection - not to mention the absolute best yet convenient such that it won't interfere with the performance of the computer (this has been the case with certain ones) - and before we decide to spend any money on it whatsoever, we want to see if it actually works. Now that's the major problem out of this one, and I think it's safe to say that Webroot won't be getting anyone who has gained a sense as far as these kind of schemes go. On one particular day, somehow, I felt overly generous and decided to spend the thirty bucks on this, in order to see if what it said during the trial period was actually true. Flabbergasted to say that it brought different results, and this was during an experimental period in which I would continue on using this and only this program, for about a little less than a week (six days I believe).

That's when I was brought to realize that Webroot's actually a brand that concerned users should absolutely avoid, which is, to be perfectly honest, quite a shame since if memory serves me well, years ago, they were on "top of the food chain" as far as "spyware removers". Now, seemingly enough, they have contradicted that and decided to release a piece of software that puts the user to regret. Fairly okay scanning in regards to the speed, but it's the failure to "realize" that there are existing highly harmful spyware infections on my computer, which was proven by Spybot S&D (still use to this very day), which brings this program to a high downfall. It pretty much brings what the competition offers - that being Quarantine, scheduling of a task (Sweep), e-mail and web scanning; so there's really nothing worth mentioning here out of this program in particular. Highly recommended to avoid; take my word for it: don't waste your time and money just as I did, unfortunately. And yes, even if you're feeling like the kindest, most-giving generous person in the entire world!