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World At War

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Let me start off by stating one tiny simple fact... Empire Total War is a RTS(Real Time Strategy Game) that makes all RTSs of the modern era look like archaic wanna-bees even the legendary Age Of Empires before you shun and abolish my opinion allow me to elaborate on my bold statement. In most RTS games the whole map is your field of battle you can create more units and send them to do your biding mercilessly without having to factor in certain conditions like moral, experience, Positioning(Higher Ground and Lower Ground) but in Empire Total War you have to do all of that and that's only phase 1 after you've built your all conquering army and taken over some poor unsuspecting province your job isn't yet done in fact far from it. The threat of a rebellion is likely as the population might not be too happy that there's a new regime in place. You can try and solve this problem by elevating the province from tax...however that may have huge consequences as the funds in your national treasury are on a tight leach at the best of times because unlike normal RTS games almost everything you do or create costs money not only when creating but to maintain as in real life so that huge marauding army of yours and that Poseidon worthy fleet of yours needs money for general upkeep this is only a tiny water droplet in the pond of strategic thinking Empire Total War requires from the player . The player also can form diplomatic alliances and trade agreements with other countries your head not spinning yet? Well good cause there's still plenty more now on to the campaigns you can undertake a campaign for any one of the many nations my personal favourite is the French or you can do the grand campaign with the Yankees in the road to independence campaign as America fought for Independence from the British. A single campaign can take you days to complete so If you like your strategy games long and challenging please look no further.