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'World Explorer' Magazine

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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I am a natural explorer by heart. Since the day I was born, I was snooping around, and getting into things. As an adult, I long for adventure and discovery, and I am often caught under the cherry tree, resting in the old hammock with a copy of 'World Explorer' lying on my chest. I love a good discovery while I daydream into the clouds.

This magazine is a wonderfull research archive of interesting stories, discoveries, and mysteries of the world in which we live. The magazines editors keep you very informed about where the magazine is heading in the 'Club House' pages, where you are bound to read about the upcoming events and new books on the publishing wire.

The 'News Round Up' has the latest updates on sightings, strange ancient artifacts, discoveries, scientific revelations, Ghost encounters, you name it.

The 'Crypto Corner ' is a section dedicated to natural science. Here you will find out about new species, old species, extinct animals, or even newly discovered artifacts involving fossils and bones. There are stories of Bigfoot and bears, mostly news that is from all parts of the world. This section is an eye glueing portion of the magazine, a definate highlight.

Feature stories found between the magazines covers are a treasure in themselves. The magazine makes you feel like you are on a dig, or doing valuable research into a riddle, even solving a mysterious problem that has perplexed man for ages. The main articles take you on a journey to Mt. Shasta, the Grand Canyon, any place that mystifies and excites the soul. The main featured articles are awesome to read, and virtualy take you right into the story, evolving you into the pages with an influence of intreague, daring, and cunning excitement. I love this magazine.

The 'Classifieds' are not your ordinary personals for sure, as you may find a 'Time Traveling' machine that is for sale and tucked away in some lonely highway diner on route 66, or you may see and add about a secret map, or flying disc. These are some weird adds for sure.

The end of the magazine is a final section on book reviews, which link the genre of the content to other authors and publications of the readers designated interests. Lets face it, there are never enough things to discover, as this strong running magazine proves. Nothing beats a magazine of this caliber.