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World Of Wacraft A Second Look

Reviewing: Blizzard World Of Warcraft With Burning Crusade  |  Rating:
By cpage01 on
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World of Warcraft is fun -- kind of.

I had little fun leveling my character up from 1-60 for the first time. It took me approximately 200 hours of play time to do this, time that I could have been reading or doing something constructive, and then at 60, all there was to do was raids. And if you had the time, very competitive PVP.

Then Burning Crusade came out, and it definetly impacted the game for the better. The level cap was increased and things to do at max level became more numerous. Smaller 5 man dungeons became easily accessible, and PVP was also a very viable way to advance in the game through new gear.

But as I said, the game still has shortcomings. Unless you can fathom spending upwards of 200 hours just getting into the default level of a game, world of warcraft isnt for you.

In addition the games graphics are aging, and poorly. The games graphics werent that good in release, and they have changed little. But that also means itll run on your mothers thinkpad, so there.