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Palace: Princess Hours is also known as Goong in Korea. It is the perfect Cinderella story but held mainly in Seoul, South Korea. As the opening of the first series mentions, it is an imaginary world where South Korea is still held as a constitutional monarchy and the Royal Family lives in the Palace (Goong). It starts out with the Crown Prince played by Joo Ji Hoon taking the possession of second in line for the throne, behind his father played by Park Chan Hwan.

Trying to keep modern, the crown prince goes to a nationally recognized college where he is directly in the public eye. Shortly after he starts to attend the college at the rip age of 18, the Royal Family decides that he needs to wed due to the King’s (the crown princes father) failing health issues. The Crown Prince asks a secret girlfriend for her hand in marriage however she declines so she can become a famous ballerina. The Royal Family keeps pushing the Crown Prince, Shin, into marriage so that he can soon succeed to the thrown. The family remembers the late King’s promise to a loyal ex-employee that his grandson would marry the daughter of the ex-employee. This daughter known as Shin Chae-kyung, played by Yoon Eun Hye, turned out to be the Crown Princes’ rival at the college they both attend.

Due to the Shin Chae-kyung’s family’s poor financial situation, Shin Chae-kyung and the Crown Prince agree to get married. Then the fun begins for the entire Royal Family and all South Koreans. Shin Chae-kyung is a high spirited individual that has never been restricted in any sort of way while the Crown Prince has been under speculation and a watchful eyes his whole life. Can the newlyweds survive mistresses, confinements of the castle lifestyle and much more?

This DVD set is just one of the most fun romantic comedies for the whole family. It comes with 24 episodes. My entire family enjoyed it. It is still not rated however it is safe for almost all ages. There are some indirect references to some adult content however if you have ever watched Korean movies, you will notice that it is very rare to see people even kiss or hold hands. It is funny and light-spirited but will grasp your attention until the end.