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Worx Cordless Lawn Trimmer Edger

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I enjoy doing yard work ever since I was younger. I yard always looks so nice and neat when you finish cutting and trimming it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. The job I use to dread was trimming and edging the lawn. I have tried several type of trimmer for our yard; in fact I bet that at one time I had at least 3-4 different types in the garage. I even went and purchase one of the gas powered ones but it was so darn heavy I could hardly get anything done before my hands and arms became numb from the weight of the thing.

One day after working in the yard I can in to have a drink of water and there was an Infomercial on about the cordless and light weight lawn trimmer/edger. I thought about it but did not act on it right away. The next day I saw it again and asked my husband what he thought and he said it did not cost any more than the last one I bought and did not like to use, so I purchased it.

It is the best, light weight, flexible, and it cut through just about anything. It has a guard so that you do not cut off your flowers, I can trim around the yard, edge along the sidewalks, and trim around all the rose bushes, flower garden and vegetables without worrying about chopping them down.

There is only on draw back and that is that it only comes with one battery pack and you need to purchase another as back up. It depends on how big your yard is sometimes I can make it through, but normally I have to use the other pack towards the end of the job. Now, I see you can purchase a combo pack including 2 batteries.

It is the best Lawn Trimmer/Edger I have ever purchased. Now I am thinking about the Hedge Trimmer due to the fact that my hedges are the full length of my driveway and I have had the cord cut a couple of times in half.