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Worx Gt 2 In 1 Grass Trimmer Edger

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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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I purchased the Worx Gt 2 in 1 Grass Trimmer/Edger after I watched it on a commercial. I had been looking for somehting to replace my old edger and weed eater because my weed eater and my edger were both electric which is fine but I hated lugging that electric cord around the yard. So, when I saw this I thought that I would give it a try.

Like I said I purchased it online and was able to get a lifetime supply of the weedeater thread (just have to pay shipping and handling) it also came with a wall mount, a battery and the charging unit, plus three spools of the thread for the weed eater. It took about 2 weeks to get it.

I proceeded to use my Worx GT for the first time and I found it to be very easy to use, it was a little diffucult to manuever when you had to swicth it from weed eater to edger. But with time that has become easier. Working the edger part for the first time I noticed that it was going to take practice to get it right because I cut close a few edges and gave the yard a butch trim. It rolls as you edge and as I was edging I noticed that if something got in front of or under my wheels obviously it through my aliment off on the edge therefore; resulting in a butched trim job.

The weed eater part of it was very easy to use I didn't have any problems with that other than; it has a guard on it to keep you from hitting flowers, trees etc. But I found that this got in my way to get right up to were I needed to around the house and flower beds. So I tend not to use that guard. The feeding of the thread comes automatic or so it's suppose too. I haven't been able to notice this feature because I have had to pull the thread out myself(kinda of a pain). But it works well.

My over all impression of this device is that it is a great tool, however; after using it the first time the cover that covers the thread for the weed eater busted. I was very disappointed because I had only used it once. So I proceeded to call and see what I needed to do to get that part replaced. The unit itself has a 2 year warranty which is nice. Anyway, I called told them the problem and instead of replacing just that piece they were sending me a whole new unit and a shipping label to send back the old one. This took FOREVER! Over 2 months pasted before it finally showed up at my door, first it was backorder and then the person I talked with said that it was shipped but hadn't been released from the warehouse so therefore it was just sitting there waiting to be shipped out. Customer service didn't seem to know why all this was going on. And once the old one was returned the company creditied my account the $99(before shipping and handling) that the unit cost. So essentially I got it free! COOL!

Once I got my new one the other thing that I have noticed is that on a full battery charge it will do a small yard if you have a big yard you will need to get an additonal battery and keep it charged.

Over all I do like this product it does the job I just think that they may need to work on the design a little more! More information at www.worxgt.com