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Wot Ar You Boiyin? A Resident Evil 4 Pc Review

Reviewing: Capcom Resident Evil 4  |  Rating:
By jihoon on
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Being a port of the PS2 Resident Evil 4 and that being a port of the Gamecube Resident Evil, I had low expectations of how this one was going to turn out. Since this is a port of the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4, the shadows are non existant and maps seem brighter than they should. This wasn't too distracting from the game because the core gamplay elements are still there. The third person action shooter approach with an inventory system is fun and fresh and you're forced to scrounge for medicine, money, and ammunition from enemies and crates. The game has tons of replayability as new challenges open up as you complete the game and new unlockables appear as you finish different gameplay modes.

Since this is a PC game you'll be expected to use a keyboard as your controller. This way of controlling is unacceptable and is horribly convoluted. It is best if you invest in a ps2 to usb converter to use a ps2 controller for the game as you must use your keyboard to move and aim your weapon.

Other than the horrible keyboard control which can be easily bypassed, Resident Evil 4 for the pc keeps all the fun and extras of the console version without having to buy a console. It'll keep you entertained for hours but I would only recommend it if you are willing to invest in a ps2 to usb converter.