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Would You Eat Here?

Reviewing: Acorn Media Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares Season 1  |  Rating:
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Okay, I am hooked on this show, I am hooked on all that the great foul mouthed master of the kitchen creates!

Since you are not reading this to learn about the Scottish born ex-soccer player turned chef, turned media sensation, I shall not bore you with the details, but I must say that this show (as with all his others, Hells Kitchen, The F - Word ) keeps you riveted from start to finish with the arguments and battles between Gordon Ramsay and the restaurant owners/staff, the inside scoop into running a restaurant and the great meal and menu ideas!

The Premise

Ever willing to push people into submission, the crass and wonderful Ramsay finds a restaurant that is months, if not weeks away from going under. His goal is to find what works and promote it and find what is failing and erradicate it!

For a limited period of time, the firm and knowledgeable Ramsay takes over the establishment with a no-hold-barred attitude and a "my way or the highway" approach, upsetting staff, enfuriating owners and, occasionally, flashing a compasionate and tender side that shows that his people skills are definitely improving somewhat - albeit briefly.

He seems to care more about the restaurants than the owners at times, and always - eventually - gets his way, leaving the owners with a restaurant that has all the capabilities of being highly successful - now it's up to them!...

Season One

Bonapartes, Silsden, West Yorkshire, England Tim, the Head Chef creates a seafood dish to inspire Chef Ramsay, however, this turns catastrophic when Gordon is almost poisoned....

Glass House, Ambleside, England With no clientele and a Head Chef better suited to waiting tables, this restaurant is in dire need of Ramsays iron fist!

Walnut Tree, Llandewi, South Wales Owner Francesco is wearing too many hats and running himself and the restaurant into the ground. With too much responsibility and no customer base, Francesco needs to delegate and heed Gordon's advice!

Moore Place, Esher, England Run by a couple of experienced brewmasters, Gordon is sickened at the gaudy exterior and their utter lack of knowledge in runing a restaurant and hiring decent staff!


Besides the aforementioned 4 one hour episodes aired in Season One, we are delighted with an additional 4 shows which also aired on television, called: Kitchen Nightmares Revisited.

This is a great set of shows where we watch Gordon return to the previous restaurants some time later and learn if his tactics, teachings and advice paid off. Did the restaraunteurs learn anything? Did they follow his instruction without veering back to their old and failing ways? Is the restaurant even still open?.... Watch and discover!

My Opinion (In case you haven't figured it out!)

I could watch Chef Ramsay all day - could I be crushing? - I'll never tell!

Other than the profanity that spews from Ramsays mouth as though he had ingested a curse word laxative, this DVD shows Ramays skill as a chef, businessman, mentor and straight-talker who truly "knows his stuff".

I would recomend this to anyone who owns a restaurant, eats at a restaurant, or basically just eats! It will make you view restaurants in a totally different light!10 out of 10!!

Update On Jun 27, 2009: If you enjoy this I recommend: The "F" Word and Hells Kitchen - 2 shows starring Gordon Ramsay but, although realitytv they are all quite different :-)