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Wo W! Endless Fun

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christi239 By christi239 on
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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. There are so many choices in this game that you may become overwhelmed in the beginning. You can choose from two different sides, Alliance or Horde. Alliance cannot speak to Horde players and vice versa. You get to pick from mage, hunter, shaman, priest, warlock, druid, rogue, paladin or warrior. Each class has their own special skills. And, as if that weren't enough choices you also get to choose professions.

If you haven't played online games before, movement seems a bit difficult at first. I had only played one online game steadily before trying World of Warcraft. The great thing is that you can try the game for free for a couple of weeks prior to committing. Once I learned a style of movement I was comfortable with, the game became tons of fun.

The graphics in this game are wonderful. The scenery in every area is bright and bold. You can be standing in the desert one minute, then hop a flight and stand in a swampy land, with rain, the next.

There is something to do no matter what your gaming style in World of Warcraft. If you like games where you quest alone, you can do it. If you like fighting, you can do that too. There is always a challenge and endless entertainment.