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Wow Wee!!!The Chimp Done Went Crazy!!!!

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Brandy Norton By Brandy Norton on
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I was at the store after Christmas last year and found this F/X Alive Chimpanzee from Wow Wee, with a remote control, on clearance for $40.00.

It was one of those things you don't need, but just want. Plus it was regular $140.00.

I brought it home and the manual was pretty easy to understand.

I had a good time watching my kids and cats playing with it.

My 12 year old, (at the time), loved it.

Now, my 7 year old wanted to play with it, but was kind of scared.

My Cats was curious about it. It was really funny.

They would walk around, staring at it, then get closer to it. That's when, I would make it do something and the cats would jump. My kids and I would bust out laughing.

This chimpanzee is very interactive and has different moods.

It can be curious, fearful, happy, and angry. It changes it's mood by how you treat it, picking up on its surroundings, through the sensors. But also, if in a different mode it changes its mood by programing and through the remote control.

If you are nice to it, its happy.

If your mean to it, it gets angry or fearful.

With the remote, you can make it do alot of things.

He can move his head and eyes and yell like a monkey. He can also hear you.

In the guard mode you can say something and he will look at you, or yell.

This Monkey is just as much fun for adults, as it is for kids. And younger kids, can easily be scared by it.

The hair and face looks very real.

It has sensors in the nose for vision. So, it will move if you walk by.

It has touch sensors on the top of the head, chin, and back of the head. So if you pet him, he will feel loved and be happy. Then it has hearing sensors in both ears so it will move to sound.

I would have to give this toy a thumbs up, for older kids or adult would are big kids.