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Wo W World Of Warcraft Review

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World of Warcraft

What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft is an Online RPG game that started many international tune now by the Indonesian gamers. There are 50 more servers to play. With many of us do not get to kill the party, such as Boss together, battleground, questing.

With a different destination with the most online game made by the Koreans is not clear where the end taken place. Often we are enslaved by most Korean games such as Ragnarok, SEAL, etc.

Differences in World of Warcraft online game with others

# Gradation of level is not a difficult thing in this game. With the Quest feature, the higher level we can reach what with the required NPC (Non Player Character)

# For the fans the story of Warcraft. in the quest, there is the story of his quest in the Warcraft world, such as Thrall, Lady Silvanas.dan more. So we play while reading a story. We must not get bored with that story.

# A maximum character level is 70. Blizzard entertaiment and that is one of the game is always famous for gamenya the boom does not always make it to reach its maximum level, with the new system is introduced as a "Recruit a Friend".

Why World of Warcraft?

I own this gaes, would like a challenging game of Player vs. Player like most other games. you will feel different levels of play at the time play a character in this world of warcraft. not because there is a class overpowered aka Imba. This game is always competitive to play. There are several variations to the pvp such as:

• Warsong Gulch

Capture the Flag game (10 vs. 10)

• Arathi Basin

Defend Base Game (15 vs. 15)

• Eye of the Storm

Combination of capture the flag, defend the base (20 vs. 20)

• Alterac Valley

Destroy the enemy headquarters and its leader (40 vs. 40)

In terms of indo gamers .... It is a very foolish thing to play Indonesian game online again. because I am fed up with all the online game indonesian. And such a worst thing is cracked by sucked hacker all over the world. such as Ragnarok Online, Online seal. Rising Force Online, etc.

The graphic is outstanding, sound effect, etc. I am not eager to review them one by one. Well, my last comment is “ This is an outstanding Online Game” . The only negative aspect : it is not free of charge. Hell ya…. Not like ragnarok, angel online, etc. But whatever, I like this game.