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Wowwee Robot

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My son (and husband) saw Wowwee Robot in a Sharper Image store a few years ago. They both instantly fell in love with it. So for Christmas we got it for my son (who was 5 at the time). The robot is very durable! He has taken some abuse (like all toys) and looks and works just like new (he is over 3 years old now).

I know, you are wondering, what is sooo special about Wowwee? Well, Wowwee and SEE! Yeap, it's true. Somehow, they have programed it so that it can detect that something is in the way when it is walking. And it can also tell when someone or something moves "oh!...stop that please" he says. He will move like he is actually watching you when you walk by! And if that is not cool enough, Wowwee comes with a red pen that looks like a bowling pen that he can actually walk to, see and pick up!

Ok, that's what impressed me about Wowwee. Now for a 5 to 8 year old boy's perspective. Wowwee can DANCE! Yeap, if you push in the right combination of buttons he plays music and dances! And even better than that, Wowwee apparently has a gas problem because he burps and farts as well. Hysterical, yuh? Whoever programed him had a great since of humor because, Wowwee also says the funniest things "Listen and learn my friend; Do you talk to your motherboard with that mouth?; Opps, oh well, better out than in!"

Ok, now for the negative...I really thought that my son would not put this toy down. Turns out that he goes through spurts of playing with him. He will play with Wowwee every day for a week and then leave him alone for a couple months.

All in all, a great and fun toy for the whole family!