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Wrench Force Pump Mini Says It All

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The Wrench Force Mini bicycle pump is good for emergency use to carry with you on your bike. With this and a patch kit you could repair a tube and get enough air in to safely ride home or to a gas station. This is not a pump you would want for your only pump, or for regular topping off of tires.

This pump is regularly priced at $24.99. There is no way that it is worth that amount of money. However, at $14.99, what I paid on sale, I am quite happy.

At about 10 inches in length, this fits in my bike bag. There is a bracket included with the pump so that you can mount it on your top bar if you want. However, you have to drill holes in your frame to do that, and I sure don’t want to do that. The bracket is also designed for a round bar, and some are oval. The bracket does include a velcro safety strap.

The pump has a universal and automatic valve so that it will fit both regular valve stems, and high-pressure (also known as Presto) valves without making any changes. We checked this out on both kinds of valves, and it really does work ok. The T-handle folds and locks in a straight line with the body. This is really nice because the T is one of the most annoying things about storing some pumps.

There is also a gauge on the body of the pump, but this is kind of useless, you really need to just learn how to judge your tires by feel, because you just can’t get more than about 40 pounds of pressure in a tire with this pump. After all, this IS a mini pump. You can’t expect it to perform like a grown-up pump.

It also has a screw-open storage compartment in the end of the handle. This comes with an extra internal fitting for the valve, a small piece of sandpaper (for roughing up tubes), and 4 stick-on patches that I can’t imagine are worth the paper they are stuck on. However, with a good patch kit and this pump you should be able to count on getting yourself on the road after a flat tire, and to be able to ride your bike instead of having to walk it.

Of course this won’t help you if you have a complete blow-out, or tear a tube such that it can’t be patched, but no pump can fix that!

I have no idea how to rate it for Age Level. What does that mean? If 1 is for toddlers with training wheels and 5 is for adults, this is for adults. It may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but it is not a toy.

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