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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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I purchased this automatic wrist blood pressure monitor last fall. My doctor had asked me to monitor my BP at home so we could regulate my medication. I asked if a wrist monitor would be all right to buy, as I thought that would be much easier to handle than an upper arm model. She had me bring it in on my next visit so we could compare it with the office arm unit and it passed the test. This monitor does not need a stethoscope so it is easy and simple to use, exactly what I was looking for.

I bought this blood pressure monitor at Walgreens. It was the only wrist model they had at the time, and it was on sale, which always gets my attention. I like that it's compact and very easy to use, and has a case to store the monitor in when I'm not using it. This is a monitor intended for home use, but it's also great to take along when traveling.

My wrist monitor uses what is called the oscillometric method of BP measurements. This just means that the monitor detects the movement of your blood through the brachial artery, and converts it to a digital reading. This wrist monitor measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and also measures your pulse. The cuff, which can measure wrists from 5-1/4" to 8-1/2", can be applied to either your left or right wrist. You should not eat, drink alcohol, smoke, exercise or take a bath or shower for 30 minutes before taking your blood pressure, and it's always best to rest for about 15 minutes beforehand.

This monitor consists of a wrist cuff in a gray color and the display unit which houses two "AAA' batteries. The batteries are supposed to last up to 300 measurements, and I have yet to change mine. The display features your blood pressure figures, your pulse, date/time, memory and average symbols and a low battery display. I find it very easy to use and read. The set up for the date and time was a breeze to input following the directions from the manual.

To take a measurement you only need to press the start/stop button and the monitor inflates automatically. When the monitor detects your blood pressure, the cuff automatically deflates, and your blood pressure and pulse rates are displayed. Reading the monitor is very easy with the LCD digital display. The time and date of your measurements are also automatically stored. Up to 60 sets of measurements, with the date and time, can be stored in the monitor. When you hit 60 measurements then the oldest will always be deleted and your newest figure stored.

After you are done taking your blood pressure, you press the start/stop button to turn the power off. If you forget to do this the monitor will automatically turn off after 2 minutes.

I haven't had any problems using this wrist monitor and my doctor is always happy to see me come in with a list of measurements that I took in between visits. I would highly recommend this wrist model if you are asked by your doctor to monitor your blood pressure at home.