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Wrist Brace With Thumb Support

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By Asha Anand on
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I use the mouse a lot while browsing and after a year I started getting pain and stiffness in my right wrist. I also noted that my right hand had become thinner than the left. My Orthopaedic Doctor said I had "Carpel Tunnel Syndrome" and advised some exercise as well as using some kind of wrist brace. I got a simple wrap around brace ( Visco) and I have been using it for the past 6 months. It is so comfortable to use that it does not hinder my typing. It supports the wrist without making it stiff. I am reassured that with this support the nerves in my wrist and the muscles of my hand will not suffer any more damage.

The tennis players also use a wrist brace - but those who use the computer a lot need a different kind of brace that supports the thumb and keeps the palm of the hand aligned with the wrist.

Many types of braces are available - some can be worn like a gloves but this wrap around brace can be adjusted to the amount of flexion that we desire.

We should also do simple exercises for the wrists after about 1-2 hours of continuous work (typing or using the mouse). Prevention is better in this case because many cases of Carpel tunnel syndrome require surgery.

Such braces are available at local surgical stores and cost very little (approx.15$).