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Wrp: Perfect!

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I know that WRP is a quite popular brand in my country for its weight loss products. I decided to buy the WRP 6 Day Diet Pack because my friend had succeeded to lose weight with this product and I thought I would give it a try. Actually I’m not that fat, I weigh about 58-60 kg (about 116-120 lbs) and height measure 160 cm. But I just feel that I needed to lose few more pounds/kilograms, well maybe around 8 or 10 kg. The product consists of two product range also from WRP: WRP Nutritious Drink and WRP Cookies. These two will function as replacement for the main dishes and snacks. As it is suggested in the suggestions area, the diet program should begin by replacing breakfast and dinner with 2 sachets of WRP Nutritious drink, and morning and afternoon snacks with 1 sachet of WRP Cookies. As for lunch the suggested calories are about 700 calories. It’s strongly suggested that we conducted exercises while consuming this product.

It was very difficult at first, especially on the first week, consuming these WRP drinks and cookies only and counting and carefully selecting the lunch menu. Not to mention the exercises I should do in a daily basis. I mean, whoa, felt like in the ‘Biggest Loser’ TV program. But later on, I realized there’s nothing hard about it. I mean, at some time I felt bored with the routine and wanted to screw up by eating my favorite food. But, luckily, because I knew I had a strong will to do this, then I wasn’t tempted at all, even my hubby tried to distract me with the those yummy food. Exercises I conducted ranging from aerobics, jogging, using dumbbells and barbells, even when I sat down in front the TV I would do light exercise.

What I like about this WRP product is that they don’t cause me like stomach disorder or something like the stomachache. It says it’s safe because it’s made from natural ingredients, without any appetite suppressor and with controlled calories. After about 8 weeks or so, I gained my expected weight. I lose about 1 kg each week and I feel glad about it. I should thank WRP for this. Although I’m not consuming it now, but I consume another product by WRP to stay slim. Thanks WRP!