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Wuthering Heights, 1992

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Wuthering Heights is based on a timeless and rather unconventional novel by Emily Bronte. This movie version of it was filmed in 1992. The two leading roles are played by Ralph Fienness (Heathcliff) and Juliette Binoche (Catherine). Both are well cast, and both give an excellent performance. Juliette Binoche also plays Cathy, Catherine's daughter. I do not like the same actresses playing mother-daughter in a movie, so to me it's a drawback.

Catherine is a daughter of a well-to-do gentleman, and Heathcliff is a foundling, a gipsy boy brought home by her father. The two grow up together and form the strongest attachment. Catherine's mother is dead, and her father does not put many restrictions on her, so she is about just as wild and out of control as the gipsy boy. However, when Catherine gets a chance to meet a refined family of Lintons, she decides that Heathcliff is not a good match for her and marries Edgar Linton. Heathcliff runs off and returns several years later, wealthy and independent. His feelings for Catherine are still the same, and she loves him as well. They join their efforts to exasperate her husband, Edgar.

I found both Catherine and Heathcliff quite detestable in their selfish fixation on each other. Heathcliff's frustration is understandable, and he draws sympathy in the beginning; but later on, when he seems to hate every living soul in the world and seeks to harm every member of the Linton family, even Catherine's daughter, he is despicable. That's the way it was in the book, and the movie does a good job recreating it on the screen.