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Wwe Micro Aggression Playset

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Being the mother of an " 8 and 3/4 and a half" year old (as my son will tell you), I have discovered that there is nothing more important to life than the WWE... We could easily live without air or water as long as some form of wrestling is on television at least 4 times a week with reruns on Saturdays and Sundays - no, it doesn't matter that they are in Spanish, what matters is that it is the WWE!!

Don't get me wrong, this is not necessarily my personal opinion but it is that of my 8 and 3/4 and a half year old son!

It came as no suprise that after receiving his first official paycheck for mowing our neighbors lawn, that he was instataneously spending it in his mind on some wonderful WWE licensed merchandise....

The Choice

Being the wonderful mother that I am, I agreed that a trip to our local K-Mart would be on the agenda for the day and that by nightfall, my son would be playing gleefully with whatever he chose to procure.

He was immediately drawn to the "Micro Aggression - Crash and Bash Playset and Cage Match" - sounds peaceful and educational doesn't it!

At $23.95, it looked like a good deal as it comprised of a travel case that, upon opening, became a WWE arena with some neat little accessories such as: an announcers desk that can come apart upon impact, breakaway doors and walls, a foldable "steel chair" (which is plastic) and 4 mini wrestling figures (our figures came as Rey Mysterio, Kane and oddly 2 Triple H's). How could he resist it? He couldn't!


It states on the box that this is for ages 12 an up, however, one would need to be a 12 year old genius to figure out the instruction sheet. Not that the assembly itself was particularly difficult, it wasn't, but there were parts that were not mentioned on the instruction sheet, stickers that appeared to needed somewhere but not referenced, and parts, such as the chair that were fiddly and not well designed. There is a "jumping post" that in all actuality, looks utterly different from that on the box and is, again, not referenced on any paperwork, so we are just assuming that we know how to utilize it at this point!

Game Play

So far, my kiddo is loving this. The "arena"/carry case expands allowing you to extend the stage to where you can incorporate a booby trap catapult and it allows affords you to turn it into a "cage" when the idea of a regular arena becomes boring! The 4 action figures offer ample play options - tag teams, one on one etc., and with the imagination of a child, endless fun is possible!

Quality and Design

A word of caution needs to be aired here ... The cage/arena/case is advertised as being a carry case that neatly holds all the pieces together for storage and carrying (obviously), althought a design flaw is that the "walls/sides" do not lock together when compacted and may come apart when carrying with the handly, as happened with my son.

As fun as this is, it is not - in my opinion, the greatest quality and contains not only a few "fiddly" parts that children may struggle with - especially if they need to keep re-attaching parts during a brutal match! - but I fear that a couple of the little plastic clips (especially on the break-away doors - may snap if forced in place too roughly. There is no warranty on this product, so only time will tell...


Blasting Entrance Stage, Ramp, Extending Stage, Catapult, Jumping Post, Figure Blaster, Folding Chair, Breakable Announcers Table, Fly-Away Monitors, Break-Away Walls, Carrying Case, Cage and 4 Varied Micro Action Figures.


A great looking playset albeit not the greatest quality, but at the price it's money well spent for the hours of fun it gives :-)

4.5 / 5 stars