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Wwe New Year's Revolution 2007

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The first pay-per-view courtesy of the WWE starts off - and not just by that, it starts off with a blast and most considerably a night to remember. Enter New Year's Revolution 2007, the third annual edition for which, during its run, came to be more known as where "battles will end" by the means of pitting six men in an Elimination Chamber, all set for one goal - that being the World Championship. This particular edition however, was the first to not have this happen given the scenario the previous month in which the first-ever "Extreme" Elimination Chamber match was held at the December to Dismember pay-per-view. Instead, we witnessed a match that arguably gave us our money's worth - that being the WWE Championship match between the challenger, Umaga and the then-champion, John Cena. All this went down in Kansas City, Missouri at the Kemper Arena, so without further ado, let the ratings begin!

*Intercontinental Championship: Steel Cage Match: Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy (c)

A STEEL cage match to open up the show? Get 'outta here! Must admit, I was surprised to see a cage match open up a pay-per-view, but obviously, there's no harm done in doing so and it was a good way to kick off the action in '07. Although usually, we'd see an Intercontinental/United States Championship match open up an event, so that may actually not be much of a surprise. That aside, going into the -pay-per-view, I had no doubt that both men wouldn't disappoint, and what they did is leave a good impression for things to come in 2007 (although they could have done better to be honest). Can't go wrong with a match that contains excitement such that you'll see high-flying action from all possible angles, brutal use of the cage and of course, good mat wrestling. And this is exactly what this match had between two men who share a great chemistry with each other - that of course being Johnny Nitro and Jeff Hardy - thumbs up for this one! ***1/4

*#1 Contender's Tag Team Turmoil

It's that point where you thought there couldn't be any more surprises - if that was the case with you, then boy were you ever wrong. What exactly is the surprise in this match you ask? Well, for one, how long it went considering that tag matches especially with the teams that battled in this same match would usually go for less than ten minutes, but anyhoo, this bout right here, despite the somewhat considerable "dead" atmosphere, was simply decent at best. Five teams, all hell bent on that goal of getting a shot at the World Tag Team titles. Good to see that they actually put in some effort into this and keeping it from being a wreck. **

*Singles Match: Kenny Dykstra vs. Ric Flair

Even with this match actually having taken place at this pay-per-view, this somewhat felt as if I were watching the typical RAW match - but in this case, just a tad bit longer than we'd normally see. Not to take away from both men's abilities in the ring, but I think that this match could have been saved for the next night on RAW or any other time during that period early on in the year. Can't say really much here, but at least the then-newcomer Dykstra looked good (of course, it couldn't be done without the Nature Boy himself) in a somewhat average, "alright" match-up. **

*Women's Championship: Victoria vs. Mickie James (c)

It's yet another "typical" sort of match - but in this case, it's the Women's Championship bout between the challenger Victoria and the then-champion Mickie James. I'm sure that they could have done better if given more time, and I must admit that because of that, I felt a tad bit disappointed since I was pretty much expecting to see "more" in terms of mat wrestling. This doesn't go to say that it wasn't an okay match, though. *1/2

*World Tag Team Championship: D-Generation X vs. Rated RKO (c)

Now this is where the night picked up and got back on track on full focus, despite the unfortunate ending of this match-up whereas Triple H would suffer a knee injury after attempting to hit a Spinebuster (at least he was successful, though). As for the tag bout - it was just back and forth action that made it all worthwhile to see these four men go at it for over 20 minutes. Eccentric moment at the end in which Orton finds himself in another world with a chair in hand, but it was perfectly understandable as to why in regards of what transpired. A really great match-up that took an unfortunate turn - great improv at the end courtesy of Shawn Michaels and ultimately, an highly above average bout. ***3/4

*Singles Match: Chris Masters vs. Carlito (accompanied by Torrie Wilson and her "sexy" dog, Chloe)

This felt as if it was really thrown in out of nowhere, and it's yet another RAW-quality type of match. Not much to say here given that both men went for a little over five minutes in a straightforward average bout, all in front of a what seemed to be dead crowd. Quite frankly, I couldn't help but to feel surprised by the outcome, however. *

*WWE Championship: Umaga vs. John Cena (c)

It's the match that we've all been waiting to see for quite some time and to get straight to the point, it was simply brilliant. Felt like an old school type of match from the 80's where you'd see the big guy taking all opportunity to prove to the underdog (his opponent) that he's not one to mess with and is one to be taken seriously. Magical stuff even for a wrestling match and after all was said and done, I walked away feeling as if I got my money's worth by witnessing the battle between these two men. Definitely one of the better matches that is overshadowed by their confrontation weeks later at the Royal Rumble. ****

Three great matches, and one unforgettable main event. I'd certainly recommend this for those three matches - those being the championship bouts (with the exception of the Women's title match). The whole event would have had been much better if they decided to extend the length of some of the matches and rid the event of the "filler-type" matches that were obvious choices. Overall, good way to kick off the year!