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Wwe Royal Rumble 2005 Dvd

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By Carl Unger on
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The 2005 Royal Rumble is one of my favorite PPV DVDs, let me review the matches which made this event great:Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

There was talk of this match being on the Wrestlemania card instead. This feud had been building since Taboo Tuesday in October so it was quite lengthy. Opening the card of the Royal Rumble hardly did it justice. The match was solid and entertaining, exactly what I expected from these two performers. They didn't make the match too short, could have been a little longer but overall a quality solid match.

Match Rating: 7.5

Casket Match: Undertaker vs. Heidenreich

Without the match gimmick this match would have been a a bit boring, not much too it, a bit of nice brawling, mildly entertaining action in the ring, a nice suprise near the end of the match and a satisying result.

Match Rating: 6

WWE Championship: JBL vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show

I'm a big fan of this match up, I like the story behind it, I like the story told in the ring and I liked the result. An exciting match up which I found very entertaining and I am not alone in saying that, I might be accused of overrating, I might be if I was judging it on technical prowess but I'm giving it the rating based more on entertainment and excitement value.

Match Rating: 8

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Well, wasn't terribly excited by this match, had already seen these two wrestle before so I was expecting a bit more out of this match but didn't really get it. It was a fairly solid match though, basically involved a lot of working over body parts which you used to see a lot in Triple H matches during his 03/04 heel run. A little bit of extra excitement near the end but not enough to save this match from disappointment but still not a bad match that I enjoyed

Match Rating: 7

Royal Rumble Match

An interesting match, I really liked who they chose to carry this match and I really liked who they chose as the first 2 participants (who just happened to be the same 2 who carried it) I liked this match because it had quite a few surprises in it, it was exciting pretty much all the way through it, sadly, the last few rumbles since then haven't been quite on par with this one. It's hard to say a lot about this match without spoiling it. So to conclude a very solid and enjoyable rumble match.

Match Rating: 9

Conclusion: Excellent rumble this year which had no bad matches on it. Probably the most solid rumble ever from top to bottom. The DVD didn't contain any extras though even though it is advertised on the back of the cover which was dissapointing, I still highly recommend you buy this DVD or at least rent it.