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Wwe Smackdown Vs Raw 2008

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By thedefier on
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If you didn't buy last year's Smackdown Vs Raw Wrestling game, feel free to buy this year's. However, if you already have the 2007 version, then don't expect much of a change as everything will mostly be the same.

At first, the game will seem fresh what with all the new designs, the 8 superstar types and additions/configurations to the Season and GM Mode. Then you'll notice that it's the same as last year's stuff : same old graphics (although decent, it gets old), same old background rock music, same old fighting system, same old Season Mode except you utilize a calendar now, same old GM Mode except with more things to do in a week.

Now I gave the game an average score for Genre as other sports-fighting games such as Fight Night are becoming more popular due to the mediocre improvements being made to this game's franchise. Image and Sound Quality, as I said, are the same as last year, but still impressive.

Now we move onto the Gameplay. The learning curve is very quick and newbies will be able to pick up the game quite easily. However, because of this simplicity of controls, it will be very easy for a newbie gamer to defeat a pro, which takes out the whole sense of competition that the game is supposedly focused on.

Basically, the game is a repackaged Smackdown Vs RAW 2007. So I stand by my previous statement : If you've got the 2007 game already, don't bother with this one unless you're an avid fan of wrestling. If you don't have the 2007 game, then buy the 2008 version or wait for the 2009 version which will hopefully be better.