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Wyeth Promil Kid

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By ladychai on
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When my baby was only three months old, I mixed breast milk with formula milk because I had to go back to work, earn some money to support the needs of my child. Then at one point my company had our annual physical check-up done and I am required to have an x-ray. I asked the radio-technician if x-rays won't affect my breastfeeding, she said it won't so I have my x-ray done. However after the next day, my daughter can't get any milk out so I have to resort on having her drink fomula milk entirely until the time when she won't drink from my breast at all, she would laugh everytime I offer my breast to her. So it goes that my milk dried out and my daughter is living under fomula.

Before my daughter turned one year, I experimented with formula milks. I had her try drinking more expensive formula milks as their packaging states they offer more, nutrients-wise, but my daughter would not drink them. So having her drink S-26 before she reached 6-months, I tried to see if there are any S-26 for 6 months and up but the sales clerk informed me that after S-26 is Promil, so I bought one just a smaller can to let my daughter try and luckily she liked the milk.

Now, I am using this Promil Kid for 1 to 3 year old. My daughter can drink up to 3 8-oz bottles of this milk before she goes to bed at night, she drinks one when she wakes up in the morning, another after lunch, still another for snacks and while she is watching her favorite cartoon. She also drinks before and after her siesta time. Yep, she is one great milk drinker. She eats quit well too, eats her green leafy vegetables. Normally toddlers already discorver the idea of choosing the food they want to eat and my daughter chooses her vegetables over her candies. Despite of her drinking habit, she is not obese, her weight is just right for her height. She is pretty active too which oftentimes causes her asthma to trigger and she loves to play in the dirt which is why she has skin allergies but other than that she one smart and healthy baby. She can already count, not just memorize the numbers but really count, just this morning she was counting her fingers on one hand and said "look mommy, I have five fingers", really great for a two-year old. She also memorized all the Dora movies in her dvd, she knows what is going to be said next before Dora or any cartoon would say it. She also memorized all the Barney songs as well and know her Strawberry Shortcake DVDs by heart.

At one time, I tried to mix Promil with another brand of milk, this one is choco flavor since she loves chocolates, and was cheaper but is highly commercialized and my daughter refused to drink it opting on her "Milky" and not the"Chocolaty", She only drank it for a few months but now she won't even agree even if we try to convince her to drink it.

I believe she has found a niche in Promil and I plan to use promil as long as she likes drinking them because I can see positive growth improvements from my daughter.