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X Men Origins Wolverine

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This is the story of Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) before anything from the first X Men evolutions movie happened. It begins when young Logan discovers his powers and runs away with his older brother Victor / Sabretooth ( Liev Schreiber) . Together they fight in about four major wars ending with the Vietnam, where they are recruited by Stryker to join a mutant team. Wolverine leaves because he cannot stand his brothers bloodlust. He tries to live a normal life in Canada with his girlfriend but of course things don't go well. Disaster seems to follow Logan wherever he goes, and he makes it a point to take revenge on those that wronged him, including his brother.

This movie has a lot of fun action scenes. Not just two 30 second action scene, no. There is about 5 really good action scenes. My problem though is that the trailer for the movie has every interesting scene in the movie, so if you know the trailer scene-by-scene then you would probably be dissapointed in the movie.

There are many mutants in this film but they don't have much screen time to give off a lasting expression. People like cyclops and Emma Frost are only in the movie for about two seconds.

90% of the special effects are really good. The bad ones are towards the end when the kids that have escape are running towards the helocopter and when Gambit is first introduced, the flipping cards are so fake.

Most of the people who don't like this movie are comic book fans. If you don't compare it to the comic book and think of this movie as on it's own then it's a very good movie.

If your going to watch the movie be sure to stick around after the credits to see two extra scenes.