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Xbox 360

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I was hesitant about buying an Xbox 360 due to all the blogging about units with troubles, red rings of death, freezing, overheating, and so on. However, after playing one at a kiosk in a local store, I couldn't resist the urge. I also took into account that, before purchasing, I'd seen several display kiosks that had been up and running for at least 12 hours a day every day since launch and none of them had any troubles.

The games are incredible and will only get better as game designers push the envelope with the dual core technology contained in the console. The games that are out now are the best I've ever seen so the thought that they can and will get better makes me dizzy with excitement!

The interface on the system is very intuitive and easy to learn. I'd say you're looking at about a ten minute learning curve for that. The wireless controls are perfect.

I've owned two systems now for about a month and both have been working flawlessly from the day they were first plugged in. Not a single problem. The exhaust fans run a bit loud but you get used to it quickly. In fact, you really don't attend to it at all during game play. The power supply is also literally a brick. It is huge, but that's the tradeoff for making it an external component and keeping the console itself sleek and slender. As long as you make sure the console and power supply are unobstructed and ventilated, they shouldn't overheat or get too hot. My systems don't run any hotter than any other electrical equipment (like a DVD player, etc.).

I'm continually impressed with the features of this system. This is perhaps the neatest piece of technology I've ever purchased and I absolutely LOVE my Xbox 360. I never owned an Xbox before, but I'm a HUGE fan now.