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Xbox 360 A Win Over Wii And Ps3

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By Morgan Metcalf on
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As in my last review i pormised that i would create a review that includes why the Xbox 360 is a better buy than the Wii and PS3. Here it goes. As follows there will be + and - for all three consoles.

Xbox 360

For this console, the game selection is the best by far. Certain games are made for the PS3 only and not for the 360. Which is lame by Microsoft also makes games for just the Xbox 360. (Such as Halo, Fable 2, and Mass Effect.) All great games. There are many more games for the Xbox 360 than the Wii and PS3.

Also the Online play for the 360 is better than the Wii and PS3 combined. There is virtually no lag and the graphics and quality are very good. For the Wii, online play takes a while to find(at least for me) and the PS3 also has some lag and problems that they have to fix(unless they already did just that).

For the Accessories/Controllers, the Xbox beats the Wii and PS3. The Xbox 360 controller is well built so when u drop in on the floor it wont break at all. I have dropped my controller and even slammed my controller on the ground and it hasnt broken or even knocked loose any wiring that is inside. The PS3 contollers are basically the same as the PS2 controllers with a slight modification. They are still pretty easy to break. As far as the Wii goes, Shame Shame. The wireless pointing and what not needs major work. I bought a Wii and the contollers sometimes dont register with the reciever(little flat bar). The Wii remote signal (for the controller) shakes A LOT. and also the sensitivity blows. I tried to play some mini golf and when i swing soft, the balls goes far. when i swing hard, the ball goes short.

Needless to say, with what i said, the Xbox 360 hands down, wins the war between the consoles. I made this review in a hurry becuase i have to go to work. Like in 15 mins. So i oppologize if i left anything out. Till then, Peace be with you.