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Xbox 360 Burnout

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By robbie on
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I bought the XBOX 360* system about 2 years ago I guess. When the game system works it is one of the most outstanding systems I have ever touched. It has superb graphics, a huge selection of games, sound quality is great! You can play CD's and DVD's on this system, you can download music to the console itself so you can listen to music while playing games. I purchased an external cooler for this system, that is the main problem with the XOBX 360*, it overheats in a bad way. I had heard about the red circle of death and halfheartedly laughed, until I saw it on mine. Now my very expensive game console is dead and it is a battle in itself trying to get it fixed if you can even get a hold of anyone. You have 3 different systems to chose from that have many different options, it depends on what all you want to do and how much money you are willing to spend. You can even play the games online interactively for an additional monthly fee. You can buy many different accessories from headsets, to inter cooler fans, wireless controls with rechargeable batteries and so much more! You can even change out the look of the console with faceplates, similar to that of a cell phone, they simply snap on. Overall I LOVE this game but wish that it was more durable. For as much money as you put out you need to have a better warranty and service help.