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Xbox 360: Bust Or Greatness?

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By crazyglitcher on
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The Xbox 360 is a next gen video game console that was created by Microsoft to compete with the Playstation 3, which was created by Sony. The user interface is very user friendly and the game selection is awesome. However, due to the "many" reports of RRODs (Red Ring of Deaths) many people think that it is not worth it to buy a 360 because they're worried it might fail on them. Microsoft has realized this problem and given everyone a 3 year warranty no matter when you bought your xbox, and although this has gotten some of the sales back, some other people are still afraid to buy it.

Also, now the PS3 and some (not all) of the Wii users are promoting that, "look at our system! It never fails/has a lower fail rate!" I laugh at this because Nintendo, the company that made the Wii, is known for their durability so everyone already known that it has a lower fail rate (Although some users might be angry at the fact that the Wii cant read some disks *cough* Super Smash Bros Brawl *cough*). But I mostly laugh at the PS3 because not that many people bought it when it came out (compared to the rest of the world of course) so they'll definitely have a lower fail rate because of their lower population of users. In statistics, we learn that the larger a population is, the greater the chance it is to have outliers. In the 360 and PS3 sales, these "outliers"would be the failed out systems. Therefore, the PS3 with its lower population would of course have lower fail rates.

Two things that PS3 users bash on the 360 is that The graphics suck and Xbox live isnt free. The one thing I have to say to counter this is, Who cares? I mean seriously, so you can see things clearer, so what? Woo hoo I just blew up a building into SMALLER PIECES, whoop de freaking doo. I mean cmon, if we played games for the graphics, we might as well go play OUTSIDE because that's the best "graphics" of all (I mean, its like real life, ya know?). If Xbox live isn't free, noone really seems to mind because there are millions of users out there that have Live subscriptions. There are also other methods to get Live for free or almost close to it, such as Gaming lagoon, Prize Rebel, and Trainn sites. Therefore, there's no reason to be bashing on these things.

Now, if this has offended any Wii or PS3 users, I apologize, because this isn't what the article was supposed to be about. Overall, I'd say that the 360 has satisfied many users because of its gaming possibilities and selection. Mostly, I'd say because of Halo 2 the 360 was able to generate most of its sales on launch day, but new games (ex. Gears of War) that were exclusive to the 360 were able to keep the 360 party going until the release of Halo 3. Now after Halo 3, expect the train to continue through the use of multiplatform releases (ex. Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy, etc) until another exclusive game is released (Gears of War 2, Left 4 dead, etc). I dont know about you, but I cant wait but see what the future has in store for this console.