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Xbox 360 Elite

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snowman13 By snowman13 on
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Xbox 360 Elite

The Xbox 360 Elite is simply amazing. To start off the Xbox 360 is very reliable unless you have bad connection in you home but even that only applies if you are using Xbox Live. The console looks very cool and is easy to set up. Setting up the console consists of three to four cords that pretty much explain themselves on what to do with them. The plug-ins to the cords are different looking so it's very easy to find where to plug it in. The games on Xbox 360 look, sound, and even feel real, the graphics are amazing and everything sounds great. the controllers are very easy to use because they fit in your hands very comfortably but also are very basic making it easy to pick up and start new games and learn their controls. If you have a first Xbox with a lot of games and are thinking " but now I need to get all new games" your wrong because Xbox 360 can play Xbox games which might just save you a lot of money. Theres many multiplayer modes in the games so if you have friends over you can play with many people at the same time and there is also Xbox Live which lets you play with people all over the world.

I am going to give the Xbox 360 Elite a 9.5/10 because there's honestly nothing I can think of that's not great about it except your connection to Xbox Live which in some cases is totally up to you on if you have good connection or not.