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Xbox 360 Game Review Bioshock

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By poedgamer on
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First, I would like to start by saying that I have owned Bioshock since it's release day.

When the game first hit store shelves, I was estatic (as well as other gamers) about the game's release. As my first review, this is where you'll get introduced to my Short, to the Point style of reviewing. I"ll cover 5 main areas of gameplay, including Storyline, Graphics, Audio/Music, Playability, Parent's Warnings. So, here we go!

Storyling- Bioshock is a first person shooter about an underwater society gone wrong. You land unexpectedly in this society, after a near fatal plane crash. Overall, the game has a great way of weaving a tale of destruction and sorrow through flashbacks, cutscenes, and left behind Audio tapes. The main character's past is mysterious, but is all revealed in a very awesome fashion.

Graphics- Nothing to say here except for the best. The graphics (especially fire and water) are top notch.

Audio/Music- Bioshock wouldn't be half as addicting or scary without it's sound. The eerie sounds of a dead underwater society, mixed with all the sounds you hear as things go "Bump" in the night, really make for an addictive and excellent gameplay experience.

Playability- Bioshock has three difficulty settings, and the game at it's core isn't all that difficult on the lesser of the 2 difficulties. The hardest one is quite a challenge though, so for any hardcore gamers, Bioshock offers something for you too.

Parent's Guide- Bioshock is a mature rated title. There is graphic blood and gore, as well as some disturbing drug-like content.

Overall score of the game 9.75 out of 10