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Xbox 360 Game Review Dead Rising

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By poedgamer on
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Dead Rising ey? Sounds kind of hokey doesn't it? Well heres my review on it.

Overview- Dead Rising is a quirky little hack and slash game set in a mall suffering a zombie outbreak. What's not awesome about that? A whole mall, full of TONS of things to use as weapons, and an army of zombies to unleash your fury on? Sounds like fun!

Storyline- Dead Rising isn't neccesarily about the storyline, it's more about the open-map gameplay that you experience. Suprisingly though, the storyline is at least interesting enough to keep you watching the cutscenes. The payoff isn't quite that amazing, and it's probablly easy to spot, but nonetheless, the story is a fun thing to follow.

Graphics- Surprisingly, considering how much stuff there is in this game (and there is alot!), all of the different objects are very high in graphical quality. Some stuff (like minor objects or collectables) may not be as graphically advanced as some of the character models, but all of it looks completely next-generation, and dazzling to the eye. The real stunner here, is the amount of zombies that can be seen on the screen at once, without the game ever slowing down.

Audio/Music- Dead Rising suffers in this area a little bit. While some of the voice acting is pretty good, othertimes the scripting can just weigh it all down. Ontop of that, you never really get any good audio out of the game. The music is what you would expect... Mall music. The only real sound effects you get are grunts and moans from the zombies, and an occasional sound of a chainsaw or other things when you use them. Overall, the audio isn't horrible, it's just not amazing.

Playability- This is where Dead Rising really succeeds. It's fun, real fun. So what if the storyline isn't the next classical tale? So what if the audio is a little slumpy? It doesn't matter if you're having fun playing the game. With over 200 things to use as weapons, including sledgehammers, cars, axes, plastic chairs, shopping carts, etc etc... you'd be hard pressed to find a game with more availability than this one.

Parent's Guide- Dead Rising is a VERY mature game. Only suitable for those 17 and up. It has excessive amounts of gore and violence, and can just be downright disgusting at times.

Closing Statement- Dead Rising is one of those love or hate games. I won't suggest buying it, but rather renting it. See if you like it, and if you do, go pick it up. It's only about $25.00 now.