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Xbox 360 Halo Edition Extensive Review

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I did not jump on the Xbox 360 bandwagon in late 2005. Rather, I decided to wait and see what problems the 360 would ultimately have, and am I ever glad that I did.


The Xbox 360, after multiple updates over the past few years, has overcome a lot of its internal problems and is now a reliable machine. I decided to purchase the Halo edition because both it and the Elite versions are made with higher quality hardware which helps to prevent the notorious "Red Ring of Death, " or hardware failure. I have owned this for a year now, and I still have no real problems with the console. In short, there are games for everyone, it is incredibly easy to use, and content updates make for more perks in the long run (such as game updates, downloadable arcade games, and netflix streamed directly to your console). This console is one of the greatest purchases I've made in the past 12 months.


There are some negative aspects to this version of the 360. The ventilation is poor, causing possible overheating, it doesn't come with HDMI cable, and the hard drive is very limited (20g). This translates to spending money on accessories to compensate for the shortcomings. For example, the overheating may require an additional cooling unit, the HDMI cable is expensive if you happen to own an HDTV, and if you wish to download a lot of content for the 360, you'll need to purchase either an additional hard drive or memory unit for saved games and other stored items.

Other Notes:

The console itself, now that it has been reduced in retail price, is an even better value than before. It is cheaper and more accessible than the Sony Playstation 3, offers more choices and online multiplayer options than the Nintendo Wii, and is a complete entertainment package in one console.The Halo edition is a great console which outperforms other versions of the Xbox 360 (other than the Elite), and is a must for both the gamer and the penny pincher.