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Xbox 360 Has Much To Offer

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By mikeys-thoughts on
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My First Experience With the Xbox 360:

When I first got the Xbox 360 I ordered online through the mail. I must admit I did hear stories about how fragile and disfunctional it was but with the price I found it was worth it at the time as the web site offered a warrenty that was long enough for me to be fair. I got it and hooked it up and was playing the game I rented called Need For Speed Carbon and was greatly impressed with the graphics and the system overall and actally was in awe of how fun it was for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes I got the dreaded 3 red lights I had heard bad stories about. I couldn't not get it to work afterwards. The 3 Red Lights basicly means the console needs repair so I was on the phone to tell them it broke. They said they would repair it and refund shipping costs once they received it. I started to wait for quite some time for them to receive it. It started to seem too long for Millinium3000.com to receive it. I called them up and they told me they haven't received the package yet. This got to be too long of an excuse. I eventually found out online they were lying to me over the phone. I saw Millinium3000.com rejected my package online at usps.com as I traced the tracking # and found they sent it back to me. So I now have a broken xbox 360 plus shipping charges that got me no where. I called them up and gave them a piece of my mind.

What A Relief:

I tried to get a refund from Paypal since I purchased through them but I couldn't resolve the issue even with them so I felt really bad I had lost so much money to only have a broken console and I hardly had any money in my bank account. Good news came later as so many people had problems with the xbox 360 breaking so Microsoft extended their 1 year warrenty to 3 years. It was a great relief as my 360 I bought was only over a year old. I got on the phone with Microsoft and said they would send a box in the mail for me to ship my broken console directly to the Microsoft Repair Center. Microsoft was taking care of everything and it was good they were trying to resolve so many problems with customers. Later on I got a working Xbox 360 in the mail thats been going strong now for over 3 years.

Comparing the Xbox 360 with the PS3 and the Wii:

There is plenty of games to choose from on the Xbox 360 unlike what i've heard about the Ps3. The 360 is geared more towards adults rather than kids like the Nintendo Wii. I'm greatly satisfied with the graphics of the 360 and have no motivation to get any other console. The Sound is good also but i'm more about graphics when it comes to gaming. I've heard the Ps3 graphics are better but I have no need for a Ps3 unless I plan to buy a Blu-Ray.

The Online Gaming Rocks!:

Also a great difference I noticed with the 360 was the online gameplay. I had originally played games online with the ps2 which was lousy compared to the 360. The ps2 people could quit any time they wanted during the game session and it wouldn't credit you with the win so I wasted much time when it came to this. When I played the 360 online called Xbox live There are so many benefits of being a member of Xbox Live.

You really can't do much unless you upgrade to be an Xbox Live Gold Member which costs money but trust me its well worth it if you love gaming. You can chat with other Xbox Live members via headphones. Also if someone quits on me during a gaming session I will automaticaly be credited with the win unlike ps2 online. I can also rate other Xbox Live members and choose them as one of my favorite players so I am more likely to play a game session with them. I can also remove game members from playing me if they do get that annoying. Upgrades or add ons can also be downloaded to games with some free while others may cost something.

Other Things About the 360 Besides Gaming:

Other things besides gaming comes with Xbox Live such as Game Previews and the ability to download movies or shows for a fee. If your a Netflix member like me You can stream movies or shows to your account Xbox Live Account which has really been great as me and my family can enjoy movies and shows together on our TV. The 360 is only able to show movies via a regular DVD Player and not Blu-Ray but i'm happy with that.

The Games I've Really Enjoyed:

Games i've had a blast with on my 360 are Resident Evil 5, Gears of War 2, Fifa 09, Unreal Turnament 3, Smackdown vs. Raw 08, NBA2K8, Halo 3, and many more. My purchase of the Xbox 360 has been very well worth it for me despite what happened when I first got it.

Some Extra Precautions:

I did get worried about someone spilling something inside the console as there is so many holes on the top side of the console. I set something on top of the console to avoid such a case but don't do it while having the console on if you do. This caused excess heat to get trapped in it. On one occassion when I had something set on top of it while it was running it got overheated causing the 3 red lights to come on than it shut it self off. I took what was on the top of it off and allowed the console to stay off the whole night to cool off. The next day I turned it on and it worked fine and has been doing so every since. If you set something on top of it do it while the console is not in use so it won't overheat. Really in all honesty I set stuff on top of my console while not in use because I have 5 cats and never know when their going to throw up or cough up hair balls. Obviously I don't want this to screw up my 360.