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Xbox 360 Kinect Accessory

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alexsandralyn By alexsandralyn on
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Playing Kinect Adventures

I love motion sensor technology for my home exercise programs, so I bought the Kinect accessoryfor my Xbox 360 the first month Kinect was offered on the store shelves. The Kinect hooked up easily into the back of my Xbox 360 via a USB cable. I plugged the Kinect into my power strip and I was ready to start playing with the included Kinect Adventures game.

Features that I like about the Kinect is that I can video chat with anyone else who also has a Kinect accessory, but I don't have any friends who have Kinect yet to be able to try out this feature. I also like that I don't have to buy, wear, or use any extra controllers for any Kinect game that I want to play. The photographs that are taken with the Kinect sensor while I'm playing Kinect Adventures are grainy and fairly low quality. But a huge plus is that I can play side by side with my daughter without having to buy any extra controllers for the games, picking up on the motion of our arms and legs to reflect our every move in our own TV characters.

The biggest drawback to the Kinect accessory is that the Kinect sensor requires about 6 to 12 feet of cleared space in front of the television and sensor to be able to play Kinect games, which is the absolute limit of my living room space even with the couch shoved away. Don't even buy the Kinect if you don't have a reasonably large playing area to work with. A well-lit room is also best for playing with Kinect. Many times the Kinect sensor has lost me in the dimness of nighttime playing if I don't have my overhead ceiling fan lights on to really brighten up the room.

But overall, I would recommend the Kinect accessory for Xbox 360 over the Wii console or the PS3 Move, both of which are not true body motion detectors, but accessory motion detectors.