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Xbox 360 Pro Bundle

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The Xbox 360 is obviously a very popular console. It's sales speak for it. The game selection is larger than it's other two competitors since it had a whole year on them. The price really isn't too bad either. So, why am I giving the Xbox 360 such low marks?

Simple, because of the failure rate. Yes, if you're at all tuned in to the world of Xbox 360, you've heard of the RROD, or "Red Ring of Death". That's what they call it when your Xbox 360 fails and has to be sent into microsoft for repairs, which means you'll be out of the game for a few weeks at least. That's not all though. There are numerous real people posting on message boards and youtube comments saying how they are on their third or fourth xbox, all of which are failing from RROD's.

Now, I can understand a 5% or less failure rate for consoles, maybe over a year plus of heavy use, but this is just beyond ridiculous. All I can say is if you must buy one, buy one with the newer falcon chipset which supposedly fails less, or buy one from a place that has a really good return policy so you don't get caught up in the tedious manufacturers return cycle.