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Xbox 360 Reliability..Is It Worth Buying?

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Xbox 360 the successor and the second console from Microsoft is a 7th Generation Console, set to cmpete with Sony Play Station 3 and Nintendo Wii. Currently the second in console selling charts and the console with the biggest game library of the 7th Gen consoles. Halo 3 the best game for Xbox 360 has sold a total of 8.1 million copies.

Xbox 360 has a big manufacturing defect known as RROD- Red Rings oF Death. Which is a result of the motherboard being wraped because of poor cooling and few design flaws. The first generation of Xbox 360 motherboards are simply known as Xenons which is the most failing revision is manufactured from the release to August 2007. It had 90nm CPU and 90nm GPU which generated a lot of heat.

The second revision of Motherboards are known as Zephyr which has the same 90nm CPu and 90nm GPU the only change was the new HDMI port. This revision was manufactures from August to December 2007.Yet the problems were not resolved.

The next rivision is called Falcon which featured a 65nm CPU and 90nm GPU. The cooling was more improved by adding a extra heatsink to the GPU. It was being manufactured from December 2007 to December 2008 (roughly). It has replaced the old 200W power supply with a 175W one. The faliure rate of the Falcon was low compared to other revisions.

The newest rivision is called Jasper. It featured 65nm CPU and a 65nm GPU. Which is the quietest of them all. And fortunately not a single one hasnt failed yet. It has a 150W power supply. It is manufactured after December 2008. It has a special 256MB internal memory unit aswell.

Xbox 360 is the best video gaming console you want to buy. Make sure you buy the newest Jasper Model. Goo to this site to know how to recongnize a Jasper console -