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Xbox 360 Technical Issues

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I've noticed a decrease in demand for Microsoft's Xbox 360 ever since the console first hit the market. I believe this decrease in demand is related to the overheating issues that in turn cause something called the "Red Ring Of Death" Unlike other countries America tends to rush things to market without much review. I disagree with this concept very much. I'm sick of my country making equipment in such a way that it is hardly function-able

Because I enjoy finding the cause of flaws such as the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) I took matters into my own hands. I knew that this error was due to overheating because my Xbox 360 was always very VERY hot after I played a game when it happend to "freeze" and shortly after my constant freezing issues I aquired the Red Ring Of Death. This connection was what led me to come to the conclusion that Microsoft did a poor job at keeping the system cool.

I begun to examine my Xbox 360 which has had the Red Ring Of Death for about two months now.... I picked it up and promptly found the way to open these "complexly" built consoles.

1.) Take the faceplate off (just snaps off) *Built In China*2.) On the back of the console there are small "slots"... poke these and pull in unison

3.) Turn back around lift the snap on/off parts up

Next I got my allen set and found the right one (it took awhile). I took out the screws and opened up the Xbox 360 at last.

Once the console was opened I plugged it back in and quickly noticed that the flaw was the small fans and the horribly crafted fan duct. I modified mine by replacing the fans with new ones that were faster and plug into an outlet. Then I recrafted the fan duct making it completely air-tight (electrical tape). My Xbox 360 is repaired and has had no technical difficulties since.

Overall- Microsft should focus on the small things as well as the "high-tech" graphics processors...