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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

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James Ritchie By James Ritchie on
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Ironically, in my opinion, the Xbox 360's white-clad joypad is the highest-quality controller of the next (now current) generation of consoles, while the original Xbox sported the most awkward and uncomfortable. While these may not exhibit new-fangled motion-sensing technology like its competitors, what the 360 controller offers is ease-of-use, versatility and durability.

The unit slides naturally into ones' hands, and fingers fit well into the crevice between the wing-like grips and the protruding triggers. It has the standard layout, if however refined - four face buttons, two analog sticks, a D-Pad (the controllers only failing due to its 'mashiness'), an LB and RB complemented with two corresponding pressure-sensitive triggers, a small 'Select' button and small 'Start' button and of course, the big ol' silver-green X. Using a conventional layout allows the controller to be flexible for use in all genres.

Battery life on the controller is acceptable, and you will get at least a few hours of solid play out of them in my experience, and replacing batteries is a simple task due to the battery pack on the rear (though this juts out awkwardly and can be a nuisance sometimes).

The range on the wireless is superb, and being unconstrained by cumbersome cords allows true freedom of movement without being tethered to the console.

Overall, this is a quality, comfortable product that outshines its competitors despite a lack of innovation, relying instead on solid design.