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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Microsoft

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By jhonzor on
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Ahh the xbox 360, a fantastic console in itself but it is useless without a controlelr to play it on.

Now, when it comes to Xbox 360 controllers you have two options:

1) Wireless

2) USB connected

However for this review I will only be speaking about the Wireless controller.

During the 3 years I have used the xbox 360 I have grown on its controller. Before the Xbox 360 I was used to the standard PS2 controller and it was quite hard for me to get used to the differences that the Xbox 360 controller had.

The first thing i noticed was the way you gripped the controller. It is a MUCH bigger (and heavier) controller than the PS2/3's but with it brings more comfort in your hands and more stability when playing FPS (First person shooters) and other games.

Secondly, on the right hand side of the controller there is a subtle difference of "which button does what" but it wasnt a steep learning curve when coming from the PS's controller.

Next brought along the enourmous D-PAD (Well at the time i thought it was enormous) which is used in the majority of games. The games which I found utilised the D-PAD capability most effectively would have to be the FPS games (switcing weapons like in Gears of War). the D-PAD took a very long time for me to get used to but when used to it you will be wondering how you ever survived on the PS' controller!!

There is also a quite "nifty" feature that comes with the controller. Thats the guide button! It is VERY (I cant stress that enough) usefull if you are across the room, wanting to turn the xbox on and you dont want to use the main 'power on' button ont he console. You can also use the guide button while the xbox is on; allowing you to access the xbox 360s main features.

Last, but not least, would have to be the posistioning of the analog buttons and also the lack of directional buttons on the PS controller. This, for me, finally quneched my thirst; getting rid of those annoying, and quite frankly, useless directional buttons that the PS controller has was the highlight of the Xbox 360 controller.

Now, as it is wireless It obviously runs on either batteries (which you put in the back battery pack) or you can use a play and charge kit (which costs extra). Personally, I didnt purchase the Play and charge kit and simply bought some rechargable batteries from the internet (saves money over the long term).

The Range of the wireless is, as Microsoft says "30-foot". However, I know for a fact that it is even more than that and was able to turn my Xbox on accross the road from where i live! ( and Im living on a main road). Maybe this was because they didnt want to get complaints incase there was a malfunction of some sort? Who knows!


To conclude, This controller Is probably the best console controller I have used due to the comfort, the style and also the stability of the controller, even though some may say that its heavy and is hard to transport this controller is still worth getting. This controller was designed for people to not have to worry about the fuss of cables, clearing clutter from your desk and it certainly does that!

Verdict - Buy this controller over the Wired one, Its worth it in the long run!!