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Xbox Live Review

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By hardytekyoyo on
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Several years ago Microsoft entered the gaming community, first with the Xbox and now with the Xbox 360. Noe in the middle of the 7th generation of game consoles, Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii are at the center of the gaming universe.

While the Playstation has its advantages providing a free service to play online, many still prefer Xbox. Microsoft's subscription service has its advantages. It's relatively cheap at 50 dollars per year, and because you pay, you get downloadable content before Playstation and the Wii.

Plus game developers tend to focus more on the 360 because the users pay to play. Which means that bugs and glitches are more likely to be fixed first.

And with the new trend of motion gaming, Microsoft has taken it one step further with completely removing the controller. With the new Kinect, you are the controller. No more sore hands as you can enjoy hours of fun while being active.

If you have a Windows computer with Media Center than you can even play music from your computer straight on your TV, as well as watch movies and look at pictures.

And social networking is even easier with Xbox. You can talk to your friends on Facebook as well as tweet your thoughts on Twitter. Plus, watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix.

So with all you are getting, 50 dollars isn't that bad for a once a year payment. I would personally pay 500 for how great the Xbox is. So next time your out looking for a new game console. Go Xbox!