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Xbox360 Black Limited Edition Elite Bundle

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By mellaview on
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I had never been a Microsoft person. Especially when it came to gaming, plus I never felt the need to waste so much money on my gaming habbits. I come from an era where if it is over $250.00 I'm not buying it.

Lately though I have gone on this total electronics kick, with a PS3, and XBOX360 Elite bought within one week of one another.

I didn't want the XBOX360 original because I think it has been on the market for far too long, and figured something new would come out. However after looking onlione and learning that there isn't anything new in store for Microsoft when it comes to consoles coming out I went ahead and asked for the XBOX360 Elite for my birthday.

The Elite is basically the best console you can buy when it comes to XBOX's. It has the most storage capacity, and comes with extras that the lower GB versions don't come with.

In my box we were given only one remote, a head set for talking with online players, a free month subscription to XBOX live gold, HDMI wiring, and the console has a built in HDDVD player. (Only newer Elite models have this feature)

It seemed like a good bargain, and seeing how it has so much storage I knew I could download games from LIVE, upload pictures, and add media galore.

All in all though Im only somewhat impressed. There is a huge lack of games for girls when it comes to this system, and the PS3, so that was a major downer. Viva Pinata so far has been the only game that has really drawn me in as a unisex title.

This system also has backward compatability, so you can play XBOX360 games, and some select original XBOX games.

Overall I am in love with the HDDVD players piture quality and sound, I also love the gaming graphics. The picture is simply stunning, however there is such a lack of game titles, and its sort of sad.

XBOX LIVE Gold is sort of like PS3's marketplace, only the XBOX will display your reward point score, which is sort of cool, but serves no point.

The Elite bundle is neat, and is a decent price for what you get. Although I don't think I'll ever need that much storage space, but it is nice knowing it is there!


Yes. If not for gaming, the HD player (although now obsolete and discountiued/no longer making HD DVD's) is still pretty sweet. Playing regular DVD's on it also look pretty damn nice.